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5 Childrens Games for a Pirate Themed Party

Posted by Jill Heaton on

1. Pirate Treasure Hunt - Treasure hunt games are a great ice breaker. I have never known a child refuse to take part.

2.  Pass the Treasure Chest - This is similar to pass the parcel without the need to wrap layers and layers of treats. Just refill the treasure chest from our treasure hunt game with as many treats as there are guests. Each guest takes a treat if they are holding the chest when the music stops.

3.   Pirate Stepping Stones - Like musical chairs, but children have to dance around a ring of stepping stones and find a vacant stepping stone when the music stops. 

pirate birthday party games for kids

4. The Pirate Captain Says - This pirate party game is exactly the same as ‘Simon Says’ but instead the Captain says an action like ‘Captain says put your hands on your head’. If the Captain doesn’t say it and the children still do it they are knocked out of the game until there is a winner.

5.  Pin the Parrot on the Pirate children will love the friendly looking pirate and will be keen to have a go at putting the parrot on his shoulder. The large poster also helps to decorate your venue

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