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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Posted by Jill Heaton on

The leaves are falling from the trees and the colours of autumn are upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about Halloween! This is an exciting time for kids who love the thrill of a good ghost story.  To make more of your Halloween why not organise a Halloween Party and make your little monsters work for those ‘treats’!

A great alternative to ‘trick or treating’ is to host a Halloween Ghost Hunt? All you need to do is get together with a few neighbours and ask them to hide some clues and spooky scenes their gardens, then set the ghost hunters off following clues, leading them back to your house, where the pumpkin holds their prize.  You can put on a few extra party games in your garden before home time!

We love Halloween party games and these are our tried and tested recommendations:

Pin the Skull on the skeleton

Kids of every age enjoy pin the tail on the donkey games and you can find lots of Halloween themed versions of this party classic. Our is called pin the skull on the skeleton.

Frighteningly Fruitastic Fun

Apple bobbing – there’s nothing better than doing the favourites, I loved apple bobbing as a child and its one that always gets everyone laughing and getting wet! Get yourself a large tub and fill with water and small apples. Make sure the kids put their hands behind their back and give them 3 chances to grab an apple with their teeth.

Hold an apple biting contest – Tie string around the apples and hang them from a tree branch with string. With their hands behind their backs each contestant has to try and eat their apple off the string before anyone else!

Mummy knows Best!

This game is a fantastic ice breaker and is great for families to do together. Give each family a roll of cheap white toilet paper. Tell them to choose who will be a ‘wrapper’ and who will be the ‘Mummy’. Set a time limit of 2 minutes for the wrappers to wind the toilet paper around the chosen ‘Mummy’ and judge the winner at the end! Great fun and a brilliant photo opportunity!

Pumpkin Pictionary

Write some Halloween words on a few pieces of paper, then fold them up and put in a pumpkin (Use words that are easy to illustrate e.g. Vampire, Ghost, Pumpkin, Witch, Coffin, Skeleton, Haunted House, Mummy, Graveyard Bat, Spider, Monster). Divide the party guests into 2 teams and then take it in turns to illustrate the word on their piece of paper. Make sure you note down the score so that you can determine the winning team!

Spooky Skittles

Print duplicates of the markers from your Halloween Ghost Hunt and stick each one to an empty bottle. Then just set them up like skittles and use a tennis ball to try to knock them all down. This Halloween party games is especially good for little ones!

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