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Starwars Party Ideas for Kids

Posted by Jill Heaton on

Boys will be boys and my soon to be 5 year old son, who is mad about ‘Lego Star Wars’ has requested a Star Wars Party this year.  My first thought was to hire some entertainers, knowing little about Star Wars myself and not wanting to disappoint.  However, after giving it some thought the ideas started flowing and if I run out of steam I will simply use the force!

Make some name stickers, each featuring 1 of 4 chosen characters. These will help you to divide guests into groups. You will need equal quantity of characters (depending on how many groups you want (4 groups of 6 is ideal). I like to use a mixture of heroes and villains e.g. Yoda, Leia, Darth Vader, Clone Trooper. Hand these out as guests arrive.

Use the force on Vader

This game is like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, but much more fun for Star Wars fans. Pin a poster of Darth Vader on the wall on top of a large dust sheet. Divide guests into teams (using their badges) and blindfold the first team member. Give them the tin of silly string (use a different colour of string for each team), spin them round once and give them a 3 second blast at Darth Vader!  The winning team will have done the most damage to the evil villain.

Make your own Light Sabre

Chunky glow sticks make great mini light sabres and they're relatively inexpensive. A 7 cm length of grey plumbing pipe makes a good handle and a green and red sticker dot will make your on and off switch. Or you can use pool noodles like this pinterest user.

Jedi Training

Once guests have made their light sabres they will want to use them, so space children out in the room and play the game ‘Yoda Says’, which is essentially ‘Simon Says’ in Star Wars theme. Yoda says instructions like: Activate sabers, ready for battle, Darth Vader pose or simply use the force high, low, to the left and to the right and the quicker you shout out the actions the more fun they will have!

Musical Meteor Dance

Replace the chairs in ‘musical chairs’ with space stones, to make this game fit your party theme. Draw 4 stones and stick a picture of each of your chosen characters in the centre of each stone, photocopy equal quantities of each design and make sure you have one for every guest. Lay them out in a circle for children to dance around and after each pause of the music guests must find a safe stone to stand on. After each turn remove a stone to eliminate a child from the game. Sweeten the blow by asking eliminated guests to be your special helper and give them the job of choosing and removing the next stone. For large groups play this in pairs (you will also economise on stones).

Jedi Pod Racer Relay

Set out 4 different pairs of stepping stones at opposite ends of the room.  Divide party guests into their teams using their badges and ask them to stand in line behind their stone. Their mission is to become a pod racer and fly around their stone (situated at the opposite end of the room) and tag the next team member on their return until all team members have completed their mission and have landed safely at base. You can add extra stones along their route so that they have some obstacles to negotiate along the way.

Pass the Death Star

Pass the parcel in the form of a death star. Place the main present inside a cheap plastic ball to give you a death star shape and cover with layers of wrapping paper with a sweet in each layer. Make sure every guest has a turn and a sweet treat.



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