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About us

When we started hosting parties for our children 'off the shelf' party games simply did not exist, so we had to create our own. We were repeatedly told that our parties were the best and this sparked an idea to provide parents with the tools to host really great children's parties!

We didn't stop at party games, because we spotted another gap in the market.  Good quality, affordable sets of toy animals were really hard to find.  The sets we could find were uninspiring.  We noticed parents often give these toys to children and expect them to get on and play with them, but they don't always know enough about the animals to imagine an adventure to take them on. Therefore, on our packs we feature interesting facts about the animals included in the set to help children come up with some really great ideas.

Our toys and party games are designed by parents, who want to give children some wonderful childhood memories through play, and that is why Lello and Monkey toys and party games are really special.

All our sales are online via ebay, Amazon and our website.  We produce all our party games in the UK and our toy animals are imported from China.  Nothing is sold that we wouldn't be happy to give to our children and that is what makes our business special.  We care about what we sell.

We love getting feedback from our online customers and the knowledge that tens of thousands of children have had fantastic parties and animal inspired adventures thanks to our products and a little bit of work from mum and dad gives us a real sense of job satisfaction. As our children grow, the games and toys are evolving and we are currently working on a range of escape games for 10 - 16 year olds. Coming soon... 

Jill Heaton