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Pirate Treasure Hunt Game for Kids

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  • HOST A MEMORABLE PARTY: This pirate treasure hunt is going to be the most popular game at your child's party.  Even the most apprehensive party guest can't resist a hunt for treasure.
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS AGED 3-10: Children can read the rhyming clue cards with the help of an adult or an older child and toddlers can be engaged by searching for the beautifully designed pictures.
  • KEEP KIDS ENTERTAINED WITHOUT TEARS OR ARGUMENTS: Nobody gets knocked out with this party game. Everyone works together and we recommend a prize at the end for everyone.
  • CHILDREN RUN OFF EXCESS ENERGY: Children are usually overly excited at parties, so this party game will allow them to run off some energy enabling them to settle down afterwards.
  • SUITABLE FOR 1 TO 30 PLAYERS: Game can be played individually as a school holiday activity, but it really comes alive when used for parties as children learn to work in a team.
  • SET UP IN 10 MINUTES - Instructions are simple and set up is quick and easy. Essentially, hide 6 scenes and 6 rhyming clue cards leading to a treasure chest.

Follow a trail of 6 clues and scenes leading you to a treasure chest that you can fill with treasure. We recommend chocolate gold coins (not included).  The game ends when children have found all 6 clues and scenes and discovered the treasure.

Guaranteed to put smile on everyone’s faces, this hunt for treasure can be played indoors or outdoors and you can hide the clues and scenes anywhere you like. Ideally, the host will give clues as to where to begin your next search, but you can also write your own clues and lead treasure hunters to specific rooms in the house or places outside.  After playing the game older children will want to take it in turns to make up their own treasure hunts.

  • Each pack includes:
    • Full set up instructions and map
    • 6 rhyming clue cards
    • 6 pirate themed scenes including a 3D treasure chest
    • Pirate footprints to lead explorers in the right direction

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