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10 Healthy Snack Ideas for Your child's Party

Posted by Jill Heaton on

1.  Crudités, raw vegetables, such as carrots and cucumber cut into sticks are great fingerfood that can be served with dips.

2.  Finger sandwiches - small sandwiches allow children to try a little bit of everything without over loading their plate.

3.  Veggie cocktail sausages can make a healthy alternative to meat

4.  Mini fruit kebabs like these by M&S

5.  Low sugar or no sugar Jelly with fruit set into it.

6.  Banana muffins rather than traditional fairy buns.

7.  Home made flap jacks packed with oats and seeds and drizzled rather than submered in chocolate.

8.  Pop corn can be healthier than crisps.

9.  Chicken goujons these can be home make in advance and served cold

10.  Mini Pizza's made with english brown muffins



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