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10 Tips to host your child's birthday party on a budget

Posted by Jill Heaton on

1. Find free or low cost printable colour in masks, bunting and party hats online.

2.  There's no need to invite the whole class.  Simply ask your child who they would like to invite, because some children don't like big groups.  Don't forget it's their day. 

3.  Use our free printable invitations.  They don't need to be fancy for 5 year olds.

4.  Give guests a small bag of sweets and a balloon instead of a party bag filled with cheap plastic toys that will end up in the land fill.

5.  Make your own cake and if you're short on time you can use small plastic toys to decorate the cake insead of making your own icing characters.

6. Host the party yourself!  You don't need an entertainer, but some really good party games will help.

7. Make some of the party games yourself.  You can make your own skittles or hoopla game with empty drinks bottles.

8.  Find a free colouring in or craft activity online

9.  Have a biscuit decorating activity.  This will be relatively inexpensive if you make the ginger biscuits yourself and buy supermarket sweets to decorate.

10.  Read a story that suits your theme.  This can be from a book that you already own.

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