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5 Childrens Games for an Animal Themed Party

Posted by Jill Heaton on

1. Safari Animal Treasure Hunt - Kids are always most excited about the treasure hunt, which is why we built an entire business around it! We've had loads of parties and have never known a child not want to take part.

2.  Safari Stepping Stones - Based on the classic party game musical chairs we designed some animal stepping stones. Children dance around a ring of stepping stones and must find a vacant one when the music stops.

3.  Sleeping Lions - Just like sleeping logs, but children have to pretend to be asleep and the first one to move is out until one is remaining. You may have to produce a tickling stick for any highly competitive guests.

4.  Craft Activity - for the perfect themed activity try our monkey and giraffe craft kits. It will give you enough time to set out the birthday party food you prepared earlier!


5. Story Time - A particularly good activity for little ones.  We like ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ by Giles Andrae.

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