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It’s a start!

Posted by Jill Heaton on

We’ve been designing and developing great kids treasure hunts and themed kids party games for the last 3 years and we’ve come a long way since our first pirate treasure hunt launched in 2008. We’ve put a lot of effort into keeping things fresh and so created 7 more treasure hunts in the range including princess, animal, dinosaur, monster, halloween, easter and christmas hunts.

It all started as an idea to help mums and dads have affordable but exciting kids parties at home. Jill had made a pirate treasure hunt for her sons birthday and spent hours drawing and painting a pirate ship and treasure chest out of old cereal packets and loo rolls, real Blue Peter stuff! We just thought what a great idea to produce them for other parents too busy and maybe not as creative. And so Lello and Monkey was born…

As parents ourselves we know the pressures put on parents to host fantastic birthday parties for their kids, forced into spending huge amounts of money at soft play centres or hiring village hall venues so the kids can invite all their school friends. Lets face it, hosting a party at home is daunting if you don’t know where to start.

So we’ve started this blog site as a means of spreading the knowledge, tips, tricks, ideas, activities and games that will help mums and dads plan a magical party at home, whilst not spending the earth. Keep coming back we hope you’ll find something useful…

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