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5 Childrens Games for a Dinosaur Themed Party

Posted by Jill Heaton on

1. Dinosaur Treasure Hunt - Send the children on a dinosaur treasure hunt. No one fails to join in with this exciting game and by hiding the markers well and organising the troops this could take around 20 minutes to do. 

2.  Dinosaur Stepping Stones - Just like musical chairs in this party game the kids will dance around a ring of stepping stones. When the music stops they must find a vacant stepping stone, a stone is taken away each time until you get one winner.

3 & 4 Four Corners and relay races - Our stepping stones game is actually 3 games in 1, so you can also do a relay race and the four corners game, using the same kit.

5.  Pin the Tail On the Dinosaur - children will love the friendly looking T-Rex and will be keen to have a go at sticking his tail on. For large groups we recommend ordering 2 and running the game in teams to avoid long queues.

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