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Sharks Sea Creature Toy Animal Figures set of 8 unboxed

  • £11.99

Enjoy an ocean adventure with our underwater sea creatures.

This is a set of 8 includes sharks, whales and dolphin species.

These fascinating animals are great for imaginative role play.  Interesting facts on this printable PDF provide children with information about each creatures that can help them to create some really great stories.

Includes:Great White, Sand Tiger Shark, Hammerhead, Dolphin, Swordfish, Killer whale, Blue Whale and Whale Shark.

These toys are the ideal size for little hands.  They are approximately 12 cm in length, are made of solid plastic and hand painted. They make a great starter pack for any child who is mad about sharks or an excellent top up pack to add to an existing range. Many of our customers buy for use in schools and nurseries.

Not suitable for under 3's.

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