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What Type Of Party

Help - I need some inspiration for my childs birthday party!

There are lots of books and magazines that can provide great kids party ideas. Family magazines like ‘Families Leeds’ regularly feature articles about how to plan the perfect party.

There are loads of ideas on Pinterest where people put together all the best ideas and products they've found onto a noticeboard. It's really a fabulous source of inspiration. See our Lello and Monkey pinterest boards for ideas too.

We also love Diane Warner’s Big Book of Parties, it is packed full of great party ideas for every occasion.

What are the options?

There are three basic choices for kids parties - we’ve highlighted the pros and cons:

Hire an entertainer

  • Pros - it is less stressful to hire an expert.
  • Cons - it’s expensive and you or your child might not warm to the entertainer (everyone has heard a scary clown story).

Book a soft play centre

  • Pros - no mess as it takes place in a purpose build play facility.
  • Cons - convenient, but not very special, pass the parcel can become pass the plastic box which is opened by remote control!

Do it Yourself

  • Pros - you get to make your kids party unique and memorable.
  • Cons - it can be hard work and daunting, so do some research if you have never hosted a kids party before.

At lello and monkey we are, of course fans of the DIY party, we know it can be daunting if you have never hosted a kids party yourself before, but it is incredibly rewarding for you and more importantly for the birthday boy or girl.

Treasure Hunts

Our aim is to empower parents, giving you the confidence to host a successful, stress free party. We have developed a party game that no child we know has ever refused to join in, a fabulous treasure hunt game (see why you should buy a treasure hunt game).

This is the one party game that we know will be the star of the show...

  • Princess treasure hunt
  • Pirate treasure hunt
  • Safari treasure hunt
  • Dinosaur treasure hunt

Party Games & Ideas

Don't worry if you need more kids party ideas, we've thought of everything for you and provided all you need for a great party on this website:

  • Themed treasure hunt games
  • Party bags and favours 
  • Ideas for party games
  • FREE printable party activities, masks and invites
  • Suggestions for a successful party
Pirate Parties