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Toy Dragon Figures

We think dragons are back in the game mainly because of the film 'How to Train your Dragon' from Dreamworks Dragons being made into an animated series.

It's nice to see that dragons have made a bit of a comeback since the likes of Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role play games of the eighties and nineties, but which are still apparently very popular today.

With more recent films like Dragonheart and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and a dragon being in the ever-popular Shrek films, it's unlikely that we'll lose our fascination with them.

I remember back in the day watching Pete's Dragon and Never ending Story, animation has definitely moved on from then!

Fantasy Dragon Role play

Our toy dragon figures are the perfect way for children to use their imagination for fantasy role play and enhance their collection of dragon figures beyond that of just the branded characters from the Dreamworks range.

We managed to find two wonderful gift box sets of fire-breathing dragons of all sizes and colours including little ones in their eggs! All beautifully painted with metallic detailing they really do make a lovely collection.

For those wanting larger figures we have launched a set of 5 Lello and Monkey branded boxed dragons which are approx. 15cm in lenth. There are five very different figures including two flying dragons, an underwater dragon, one with 3 heads and a horn nosed dragon.