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Suggestions For Treasure hunt Hiding Places

Come rain or shine a treasure hunt is always fun!

Depending on the weather and the space you have available you might need to hold your treasure hunt indoors, or outdoors. It's as fun either way so don't worry you might just have to be a little more creative.

We have held loads of treasure hunt parties (I wonder why?) and so we have listed a few suggestions to help you find hiding places for your treasure. Of course you could have some indoors and some outdoors!

Hiding Clues Indoors

When hosting the party indoors make sure you are happy for kids to access each room and that anything hazardous is moved or made safe. Additional clues can be added to the reverse of the clue cards to give room guidance. So for young children you could guide them to the kitchen by saying 'go to the room where meals are made'.

Here are a few suggestions for places to hide the treasure if you have run out of ideas:

  • Dining room (under a chair, in a corner)
  • Kitchen (inside a low cupboard, in a fruit bowl, behind a cereal box)
  • Hall (under the stairs, behind the telephone table)
  • Bathroom (in the sink, behind a laundry basket)
  • Landing (in a cupboard)
  • Childs bedroom (on a bookshelf, behind the toybox).

For primary age children an adult should really be accompanying them, so they can give additional clues along the way like warmer and colder. The excitement on their faces is out of this world!

Hiding Clues Outdoors

When hosting the party outside it doesn't matter how big your space is, you might just need to be creative! Again help younger kids by giving additional clues or saying warmer/colder, or pair them up with an older child to help them.

  • In the branches of a tree
  • Under a bush
  • Behind a water butt
  • In a sand pit
  • Put up a childs tent and hide the treasure inside
  • Behind a shed
  • Under a flower pot