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Ideas For Party Games

Help I'm stuck for ideas for my party...

Having kids parties at home needn't be difficult or expensive. We suggest that to have a successful one and a half hour party you need at least 3 or 4 party games up your sleeve, ready prepared.

These need not take long to set up, or prepare and you don't even need to think them up as we've done it all for you. See our classic party games.

Themeing your Party Games

If you’re having a themed birthday party just think of ways to bring in an element of the theme, such as ‘Pirate Captain Says’ instead of ‘Simon Says’.

We've put together a page of suitable themed party games for each of our main birthday themes: pirate, princess, safari animal, dinosaur and monster.

And some of our seasonal ones too: Halloween and Easter.

Activities for a Party

As well as classic kids party games don't forget you can do some activities too such as:

  • Craft stations - pottery painting, t-shirt decorating or simply colouring in a picture, decorating a party hat, or making an animal mask. Check out our craft activities and FREE printables pages. 
  • Mini makeover/dressing up stations - especially for princess parties. 
  • Face painting stations - excellent for animal parties.

Prizes for Party Games

Don’t forget the prizes for these party games - medals work well and are fun and inexpensive - a great alternative to sweets.

Children will wear them proudly for days after the party has ended. For younger children, try to make sure every child has won one something by the end of the party, so that nobody feels left out.