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Halloween Party Plan

Need a bit of help with the Halloween party planning?

Halloween Parties at Home

Fear not we have everything you need right here!

Halloween parties are great especially if you get a few other parents involved to share the work. Everyone can be in charge of a game, or bring a dish for the party food.

If your houses are near to each other it also makes for a fantastic Halloween ghost hunt by torchlight. You can hide the markers in each others houses or gardens and even have a game at each one to make it interesting! Hide some torches around the house and get the children finding those first!

Just make sure an adult accompanies the children for safety.

See all of our ideas for Halloween party games.

The Halloween Party Plan

3.30pm Pin the Skull on the Skeleton - This adaptation of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ is everyone’s favourite party game. Each guest takes a turn to pin the skull on the skeleton whilst wearing a blindfold. Each guest’s attempt is marked and labelled with their name. The closest (as indicated) is the winner! This game is a great one to do while waiting for all your guests to arrive.

4pm Biscuit Biting - Bake or buy some ginger biscuits in the shape of bats or ghosts string them along a washing line and have a biscuit biting competition. Arrange guests into teams so that parents can lift children up to reach and the first family to finish their biscuit wins!

4.15pm Ghost Hunt - As sure as Easter Egg Hunts are everyone’s favourite Easter activity, our Halloween Treasure Hunt is sure to become everyone’s favourite Halloween activity. Forget ‘trick or treating’, make your little monster’s earn their treats this year by following a trail of 6 clues and spooky scenes leading them to some goodies.

4.45pm Ghostly Stepping Stones - Like musical chairs, but children dance around a ring of spooky stepping stones and find a vacant stone when the music stops. There are 3 designs, featuring a ghost, a pumpkin and a bat and you can print out as many as you have guests. Go buy our printable halloween stepping stones.

5pm Party Tea

5.25pm Story Time - Make sure you pitch for the right age group, we don’t to give anyone nightmares!

5.30pm Home Time