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Halloween Party Games

Need some great suggestions for some Halloween party games for the kids to play?

No problem, we've done them all and they work a 'treat'!

Ghost or Monster Treasure Hunt

Always the most exciting game is the Halloween treasure hunt and we've created two fantastic versions for your little ghouls to play! So even if you've done our Halloween ghost hunt before you can now do our monster hunt - you'll already know how exciting they are!

Spooktacular Pin the Tail On Games

Our pin the skull on the skeleton and pin the tail on the monster are fab games to play at a party. Fix it to an easel or a section of wall that is not going to get damaged. Blindfold each child and let them take it in turns to stick the skull/tail on the skeleton/monster with blue tack. Draw round each attempt and label it with the child’s name. The closest to the space as indicated, is the winner.

Ghostly Stepping Stones Games

This game is similar to musical chairs. Purchase our Halloween stepping stones or monster stepping stones party game and once we've emailed it to you print out as many stones as you have party guests. Place the stones on the ground and play music while you remove a stone. When the music stops the kids need to stand on a stone and whoever is not on a stone is out, until there is a winner.

FREE Halloween Printables

Go print out our FREE printable colouring activity sheets.

Best Egyptian Mummy Competition

Provide each team with a toilet roll and challenge them to wrap a team member in toilet roll until they look like an Egyptian Mummy. Set a time limit and judge a winner!


Write Halloween words on 12 bits of paper, fold them up and place them in a pumpkin (The words need to be easy to illustrate e.g. Vampire, Ghost, Pumpkin, Witch, Coffin, Skeleton, Haunted House, Mummy, Graveyard Bat, Spider, Monster). Divide party guests into 2 teams and they take it in turns to illustrate the word on their piece of paper. Keep score so that you can determine the winning team!

Edible or Deadible

Older children may enjoy this game. Rig up a washing line with 5 pictures of harmless leaves or herbs and 5 poisonous ones. (If you are feeling adventureous use actual plants and leaves from around your garden but make sure no-one touches the poisonous ones and you dispose of them properly).

Ask the group to stand at one side if they think the substance is edible and at another if they think it is ‘deadible’. A little explanation about what the plant is will add to the enjoyment of the game. Children love it when adults get this wrong.

Plant suggestions:

  • Poisonous – Foxglove, Primula, Yew, Ivy, Horse chestnut, St Johns wort, Daffodil, Hyacinth, lupin, Christmas rose.
  • Edible – Dandelion, Nettle, Nasturtium, Pansy, Rose, Fuchsias, Chrysanthemums, Rosemary, Mint and Thyme.
(If you don’t have these in your garden you can always find a picture on the internet – but make sure you dispose of this game very carefully!)

Best Dressed Ghoul competition

Suggest that the kids come in spooky fancy dress on the party invitations and judge the winner as soon as they have all arrived.

Pass the Pumpkin

The children remain seated and pass a small decorated pumpkin around the circle as the music plays. When the music stops the person holding the pumpkin is knocked out until there is a winner.

Apple Bobbing

A great traditional halloween party game! Fill a large tub with water and small apples. Give each child one chance to grab an apple with his or her teeth.

Hold a Biscuit Biting Contest

Suspend gingerbread biscuits from a tree branch with string and with hands behind backs each contestant has to eat their biscuit off the string before their components.

Make body part guessing game

Cut hand holes in a large box and sit as many bowls as you can inside the box. Fill the bowls with the following:

  1. Hair (an old wig)
  2. Guts (cooked, cold spaghetti)
  3. Eye balls (a tin of lychee floating in water)
  4. Congealed blood (mashed up strawberry jelly)
  5. Finger bones (a packet of twigglets)
  6. Toe nails parmesan shavings.

Maybe you can make up a few more - and then tell us!

Hold a Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Provide one small pumpkin per child along with felt pens, felt scraps, buttons and jelly beans with tooth picks.

Spooky Skittles

Use the markers from your Halloween Ghost Hunt and stick each one to an empty bottle. Set them up like skittles and use a tennis ball to try to knock them all down!

Story Time

Set a spooky atmosphere, turn off the lights, give the kids some torches and then all you need is a big story book with large pictures and the ability to read upside down, so that children can see the pictures.

Don’t forget the prizes – there are lots of spooky tasty treats out there, so don’t forget to pick up a bag when you are at the supermarket.

Why not add some silly, spooky toys instead of sweets too like plastic bugs or glow in the dark stickers.