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Halloween Party Food

Need a bit of 'ghoulish grub' to keep the Halloween trick or treaters going.

We've held enough Halloween parties to know that you need to fill the kids up before a big adventure so here's a few of our tried and tested Halloween food ideas for kids...and grown ups too!

Make Pumpkin Punch

Fill a bowl with diluted orange juice and scoops of orange sherbet. Pour cold orange soda over the mixture, causing a spooky foaming effect. You can make this into a forfeit for a game, by making the looser take a sip from a ghoulish goblet.

Maggot Stew

If you need to feed a few kids and their mums and dads too, how about a winter warming - Maggot Stew! Just make up your usual batch of beef stew and before serving add a spoon of wholegrain rice on top. Easy peasy, health and tasty - what more could you want!

Bogey Dip

If you are feeling adventurous make your own guacamole, if not then just buy a pot, cut pitta bread into 'fingers' and get everyone to dip their fingers in the bogeys!! eurghh...gruesome enough for you?