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Easter Party Plan

If you are looking for ideas on hosting the perfect Easter party then look no further, we've done it for you...

Hosting an Easter Party

Planning is crucial if you want to host a successful party, but as usual Lello and Monkey have done a lot of the hard work for you.

See our Easter party plan (right) for the makings of an Easter party to remember.

Don't forget the printable Easter baskets (either make them up before hand or make them into a craft activity and get children to decorate them and construct them before they go on an Easter Egg Hunt. Our Easter bunny masks will help set the party theme.

See all our ideas for Easter party games.

Our dedicated Easter ideas pinterest board has loads more ideas for Easter party food and Easter craft activities...

The Easter Party Plan

10.30 Basket Decorating – print out some Easter basket templates onto card  and provide colouring pens for decorating them with. Once the children have cut them out have an adult standing by to staple the handles on.

This activity will give you 10 minutes grace to greet your guests and will allow time for any late comers. If anyone arrives too late for this activity explain kindly, but firmly, that the activity is finished now, but they can have one that you made earlier.

10.45 Easter Egg Hunt Game – an Easter Egg Hunt is expected at every good Easter party.  If well organised, this will take around 15 minutes plus 10 minutes free play time if the weather is nice. Our Easter Egg Hunt is extra special because it includes rhyming clue cards and suggestions for some non-chocolate treats! 

You can buy our Easter Egg Hunt Game now!

11.15 Pass the Egg – Children must stand in a circle and pass a decorated hard, boiled egg around to the music. When the music stops the child holding the egg is out until there is a winner!

11.25 Egg and Spoon Race – Cook some hard boiled eggs, place on spoons and get the children to race each other to a finish line. To make it harder put a few obstacles in the way!

11.35 Musical Rabbit Statues – This easter game is exactly the same as musical statues, but children must hop to the music. When the music stops everyone has to stand still and anyone moving is knocked out until there is a winner. 

11.45 Craft Activity – Why not try our FREE printable Easter Bunny Mask. Provide pencil crayons or felt pens to colour in.  All you need is scissors to cut out the mask and elastic or ribbon to secure it in place.

We've also provided a free colour-in easter eggs sheet that you can print out for the kids to colour in and decorate.

12.25 Free Play – Take a break and send the children outside for a run around.