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Easter Party Games

Need some inspiration for your Easter party?

Easter Egg Hunt

Search through the woods, down in the garden or behind the sofa to find treats left by the Easter bunny on our Easter egg hunt!

Set out the 6 egg markers and the clues along with a treat at each marker and set the children off on their adventure with the first rhyming clue. Use chocolate coins, mini eggs, creme eggs, jelly sweets or even some non-chocolate treats at each marker.

To purchase this Lello and Monkey Easter Egg Hunt click on the image below.

Pin the Tail on the Rabbit

Find a picture of a bunny, print it and use a piece of cotton wool with some double-sided tape for the tail. Use a scarf as a blindfold and one at a time, get each of your party guests to spin round and try to pin the cotton wool tail on the rabbit. Mark who gets nearest and that's your winner!

Best Easter Bonnet Competition

On your party invitations suggest that the children come to the easter party wearing an easter bonnet they have decorated and judge the winner as soon as they have all arrived.

Musical Rabbit Statues

This easter party game is exactly the same as musical statues. When the music stops everyone has to stand still and anyone moving is knocked out until there is a winner (older children can stand on one leg when the music stops to make it more challenging).

Bunny Hop Sack Race

If you've not got any sacks, old pillow cases will do! Lay out a race track and blow the whistle!

Egg and Spoon Race

Cook some hard boiled eggs, place on spoons and get the children to race each other to a finish line. To make it harder put a few obstacles in the way!

Decorate an Egg

Cook some hard-boiled eggs or use the ones from the egg and spoon race and get the children to use felt tips, glitter, coloured paper, beads etc to stick on and decorate.

Pass the Rabbit/Chick

Get the children to stand in a circle and  pass a small soft toy rabbit or chick  to each other under their chins without using their hands, when someone drops it they are out of the game until there are two left. They must pass it between themselves until it falls. A vote is taken as to who dropped it and the other is the winner.

Sing Nursery Rhymes/Songs

Get the kids to sit down for a while and sing some nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty, 5 little ducks went swimming one day, hot cross buns, chick chick chick chick chicken, come little rabbit.

Easter Story Time

This is perfect to calm younger children down for 10 minutes.  All you need is a big story book with bright colourful pictures and the ability to read upside down, so that children can see the pictures.  An Easter story is obviously the best for this type of party or one about a chick or a bunny!