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Dinosaur Party Games

Here are a few ideas for dinosaur party games you could do during your dinosaur party!

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Dinosaur Treasure Hunt

Get them roaming the pre-historic landscape searching for the lost dinosaurs on our dinosaur treasure huntSet out the 6 treasure markers and clues and set the children off with the first rhyming clue, all clues lead to the mighty T-Rex! Use chocolate coins or even small toy dinosaurs as treasure at the end or even get the kids to fill their own party bags by having treasure to find at each marker.

Pin the Tail on the T-rex

Go to purchase our pin the tail on the T-Rex game and once we've emailed you stick the dinosaur on a piece of card then put some sticky tape or blu-tac on the tail. A cut out blindfold and winners medal is included. Blindfold each child and let them take it in turns to try to pin the tail on the T-Rex. Mark who gets nearest and that's your winner!

Dinosaur Stepping Stones (3 games in 1)

This game is similar to musical chairs. Go to buy our dinosaur stepping stone game and with the stones your guests will be entertained with three dinosaur party games including:

  • Stepping stones game - put all the stones out on the ground (using the anti-slip strips provided) then play some funky music! Before you stop the music, just like musical chairs, remove one of the stones while everyone is dancing. Stop the music and the children need to find a stone to stand on, anyone not on a stone is out, until there is just one winner!
  • Four corners game - take four of the stones, each with a different character, and place them in each corner of the room. Play some music while the children dance, then when it stops they have to stand next to one of the stones in the corner. Without looking at the children you choose a character and whoever is standing next to that character on the stone is out.
  • Relay race - organise the children into four small teams ready to do a relay race. For each team set two stones as markers for the start and the finish line. You can make the relay harder by having an egg and spoon race, a skipping race or a 3 legged race.

FREE Printable - Colour in T-Rex

Download and print out the colour in T-Rex from our FREE printables page. Provide pencil crayons or felt pens to colour in. Choose a winner at the end of the party.

FREE Printable - Colour in Dinosaur Mask

Download and print out the colour in dinosaur mask from our FREE printables page. Provide pencil crayons or felt pens to colour in.

What’s in the box?

Pass round a shoe box, with the lid taped down. Cut a hole in one end, just large enough for a child’s hand to fit in. Fill it with something challenging to identify (a squishy or squeaky toy dinosaur would work well). The child who guesses right in the shortest time is the winner.

Pass the Parcel

Wrap a present in dinosaur wrapping paper and cover it in as many layers of multi-coloured paper as there are guests to the party. Put a small treat inside every layer. When the music stops each child takes it in turns to peal off a layer and get a treat until there is a winner. Alternatively if you don't want to put a treat in each layer add some fun forfeits such as 'walk around the room roaring like a dinosaur'.