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Classic Kids Party Games

Make sure everyone can join in...

The best games are those that get all the kids involved and active, here are a few of our favourites.

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Pin the Tail on the Donkey

What kid doesn't love to play this classic? There's always a place for this beloved kids game at any birthday party. The best part is that it's really simple for the adults too. All you do is put up a large picture of a donkey or whatever other animal or character that you wish (great for theme parties - for instance, use our Pin the Parrot on the Pirate for a pirate party).

Then you give the kids their own little "pins" that can be safe and simple, like blu tack or even sticky tape, so long as they have an end that can stick to it. Blindfold each child and then spin them around, so that they can blindly try to find the picture and the target. First one to pin it properly wins but plenty of laughs and fun can be had in the meantime!

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Treasure Hunt

Kids love hunting for things, whether it's other kids in 'hide and seek' or toys and sweets in treasure hunts. Simply gather some toys or sweets in small packages and hide them around your house, yard or garden. Print up some cards with clues on them to read out.

If you are having a pirate party, you can host a pirate party treasure hunt. Instead of simply hiding items, you will have markers, a map and instructions. Our treasure hunt includes a pirate treasure map, clue cards, markers of pirates, a ship, a parrot and others, plus a treasure chest you can fold into a 3-D shape and fill with gold chocolate coins!

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If you have older children see our suggestions for going out and about on a scavenger hunt.

Musical Chairs

You probably remember playing this game in primary school, but it still hasn't lost its appeal. You put chairs in a circle and put enough for all but one of the kids running around. Then you start the music as the kids walk quickly around the circle. When the music stops, each child tries to stake their claim on a chair, and the last one standing is out for that turn. This goes on until a winner is chosen, and it's just as fun from the sidelines as it is in the game! If you want to update things a little use our themed stepping stones games, where you print out stepping stones instead of having chairs.

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Musical Statues

This children’s party game is always a winner. Everyone dances and when the music stops everyone has to stand still and anyone moving is knocked out until there is a winner (older children can stand on one leg when the music stops to make it more challenging). Theme it by simply calling it pirate statues or princess statues etc

Pass the Parcel

A usual suspect children’s party game! Wrap a present in wrapping paper or newspaper and cover it in as many layers of paper as there are guests to the party. Put a small treat inside every layer. When the music stops each child takes it in turns to peal off a layer and get a treat until there is a winner. Theme it by simply using pirate or princess themed treats and wrapping paper.

Alternatively if you don't want to put a treat in each layer add some fun forfeits such as 'jump up and down 10 times and shout 'Ahoy there shipmate' in a pirates voice' or 'squawk like a pirates parrot'.

Simon Says

An adult is Simon (or for themed parties, Captain or Queen etc) and tells the children to do an action like ‘Queen says put your hands on your head’ or Queen says 'wiggle your foot'. If the Queen says the action but doesn't say 'Queen says' and the children still do the action they are knocked out of the game until there is a winner. Get those who are out to watch the others to find out who is next out. Consolation sweets are always helpful to stop any tears if they are young.

Sack Race

Do you remember playing this at picnics throughout your childhood? It's easy and fun for kids of all ages. All the kids pair up and then get into a potato or hessian sack together as teams. Then they have to work together to make it to the finish line as a team, and the antics that come out of the two trying to walk as one are priceless! Sometimes the easiest and most inexpensive games happen to be the most enjoyable and fun for all times.

Hot Potato

Surely you can remember playing some derivative of this game when you were a child. It's been around forever and kids of all generations just love it! You give the kids a potato or any other item and then play the music while they pass it quickly around the circle. You can use variations for different parties of course - for a winter wonderland party, use a snow globe or other winter item.

The last one left holding it when the music ends or is turned off is out of the circle, and the cycle continues on until a winner is found.