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Princess Party Games set of 3

  • £9.99

You don't need an entertainer to host a great party, but you do need a selection of really good games. This set of 3 princess party games will provide you with the tools to play 5 great kids party games!

Set includes:

Game 1 - Jewel Hunt - 6 clues and 6 dinosaur scenes (including a palace that can be draped with jewels).  Simply hide the scenes around your venue and send your guests on a jewel hunt. 

Game 2, 3 & 4 - Royal Stepping stones - keep your royal charges happy for longer with 12 beautifully designed stepping stones.  These can be used for a variety of great games, but we highly recommend; musical stepping stones, royal relay and 4 corners.  Full instructions are provided.

Game 5 - Pin the Tiara on the Princess - Secure the princess poster on your wall, give 12 children each a tiara sticker and then blindfold each one in turn before they attempt to stick the tiara on the princess' shoulder.  Blindfold and 12 tiaras stickers are included.  

Buying this set will save you £££ on the price of buying each one individually.

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