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Princess Party Games

Here are a few ideas for princess party games you could do during your princess party!

Princess Treasure Hunt

Trust us, our beautifully designed princess treasure hunt will be the crowning glory of your princess themed party. With 6 rhyming clues and treasure markers to find the princesses will go in search of the 3D palace to find treasure behind the palace doors. The treasure could be anything from chocolate coins and jewel rings or bracelets to princess wands. You could even even get them to fill their own party bags by having treasure to find at each marker.

Pin the Tiara on the Princess

Buy our princess version of pin the tail on the donkey is pin the tiara on the princess. Once we've emailed you the PDF, print it and stick to some card, cut out and put some sticky tape or blu-tac on the tiara. A cut out blindfold and winners medal is also included. Blindfold each child and let them take it in turns to try to pin the tiara on the princess's head. Mark who gets nearest and that's your winner!

Princess Stepping Stones (3 games in 1)

This game is similar to musical chairs. Buy our princess version of musical chairs - the princess stepping stones game with the stones you can play at least three party games musical stepping stones (like musical chairs), the four courners game and a relay race.

  • Stepping stones game - place the stones on the ground and play music while you remove a stone. When the music stops the kids need to stand on a stone and whoever is not on a stone is out, until there is a winner.
  • Four corners game - put a stone with a differnt character in each corner of the room, play the music and when it stops your guests have to stand on a stone. You them randomly eliminate a character on one of the stones and whoever is standing in that corner is out.
  • Relay race - arrange your guests into teams and place stones at opposite ends of the room. Have a relay race but make it harder by having a 'balance a book on your head' race (great for princess posture), a skipping race, or a egg and spoon race.

Crown or Tiara Decorating Contest

Cut some crowns templates out of a selection of coloured card or buy our printable princess tiara party hat. Provide glue, plastic jewels, foam shapes and glitter to decorate. Choose a winner at the end of the party.

FREE Printable Colour in Princess Palace

Just download the PDF from our FREE printables page and print out the princess palace. Then provide pencil crayons or felt pens to colour in. Choose a winner at the end of the party.

Best Dressed Prince or Princess Competition

On your party invitations suggest that the kids come to the princess party in fancy dress and judge the winner as soon as they have all arrived at the party.

Musical Curtseys and Bows

This princess party game is exactly the same as musical statues. When the music stops everyone has to do a curtsey or bow and anyone moving is knocked out until there is a winner (older kids can stand on one leg when the music stops to make it more challenging).

Pass the Parcel

A traditional princess party game! Wrap a present in princess wrapping paper and cover it in as many layers of multi-coloured paper as there are guests to the party. Put a small treat inside every layer. When the music stops each child takes it in turns to peal off a layer and get a treat until there is a winner. Alternatively if you don't want to put a treat in each layer add some fun forfeits such as 'walk around the room doing curtseys' or 'walk up and down balancing a book on your head'.

Mini Makeover Stations

Great princess party game for older kids! Set up a 3 stations to be manned by yourself and a friend. One person can apply makeup, the other nail varnish and the third station, a box of old costume jewellery, can be manned by an old mirror. Simply gather as much old makeup, nail varnish, perfume, hats, feather bowers and jewellery as you can find and set them out on a table. The children will line up at each station eagerly anticipating receiving their makeovers. You can buy fake moustaches, beards and wigs if boys are attending the party.