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Pirate Party Plan

If you are stuck for ideas on hosting the perfect pirate theme party then look no further, we've done it for you...

Avast me hearties you've found the sunken treasure trove of pirate party games!

Birthdays at home

Your birthday party planning is crucial if you want to host a successful party yourself, but as usual Lello and Monkey have done a lot of the hard work for you! Find the makings of a great pirate birthday party here...

Don't forget the pirate party bags (either prepare them beforehand or do our treasure hunt game and let the kids fill the party bags with the 'treasure' they find!)

Clear a table for presents, so that you can open them after the guests have left and make a list of who bought what for the thank you cards! - Print some FREE pirate thank you notes!

See all of our ideas for pirate party games.

The Pirate Party Plan

10.30 Biscuit Decorating - Pre-bake some ginger bread pirate biscuits and provide icing pens and silver balls to decorate them with. We like these biscuit cutters and icing pens.

This activity will give you 10 minutes grace to greet your guests and will allow time for any late comers. If anyone arrives too late to do this activity explain kindly, but firmly, that the activity is finished now, but they can have a go at the end before they go home (by which time they may have forgotten or they may want to stay behind to do the activity).

10.45 Pirate Treasure Hunt - Treasure hunts are a great ice breaker. I have never known a child refuse to take part. If well organised, this will take around 20 minutes plus 10 minutes free play time if the weather is nice. This is what we do best so go buy our Pirate Treasure Hunt game now!

11.15 Pass the Treasure Chest - This is similar to pass the parcel without the need to wrap layers and layers of treats. Just fill a jewellery box with enough treats as there are guests. Each guest takes a treat if they are holding the jewellery box when the music stops.

11.25 Pirate Stepping Stones - Like musical chairs, but children have to dance around a ring of stepping stones and find a vacant stepping stone when the music stops. Don't worry we have designed one for you already - Pirate Stepping Stones game.

11.35 The Pirate Captain Says - This pirate party game is exactly the same as ‘Simon Says’ but instead the Captain says an action like ‘Captain says put your hands on your head’. If the Captain doesn’t say it and the children still do it they are knocked out of the game until there is a winner.

11.45 Craft Activity - Why not try our pirate boy and girl craft kits. This should give you some time to get your pre-prepared lunch out of the fridge and onto serving plates.

12.00 Lunch Time

12.20 Birthday Cake - Singing Happy Birthday, blow out candles...easy!

12.25 Story Time - We like ‘Port Side Pirates’, by Oscar Seaworthy.