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Monster Party Games

Need a few ideas to make your monster party exciting? Here you go!

Monster Treasure Hunt

Always the most exciting game is the treasure hunt and we've created a fantastic monster hunt party game for your little monsters to play! Set up the treasure markers and next clues around the house or garden, read the first clue and set the children off on an adventure to find the twin-headed monster!

Pin the Tail on the Monster

Pin the tail on games are fab to play at a party and everyone can have a turn. This print at home pin the tail on the monster game will be emailed to you as a PDF, simply print and cut out, fix to an easel or a section of wall that is not going to get damaged. Blindfold each child and let them take it in turns to stick the tail on the monster with blue tack. Draw round each attempt and label it with the child’s name. The closest to the space as indicated, is the winner. A cut-out blindfold and winners medal is included.

Monster Stepping Stones Game

This game is similar to musical chairs. Go to buy our monster stepping stones game and once we've emailed it to you print out as many stones as you have party guests. Place the stones on the ground and play music while you remove a stone. When the music stops the kids need to stand on a stone and whoever is not on a stone is out, until there is a winner.

FREE Printable Colour-in Monster

Download and print out the monster picture from our FREE printables page. Provide pencil crayons or felt pens to colour in. Choose a winner at the end of the party.

Best Dressed Monster competition

Suggest that the kids come in fancy dress on the party invitations and judge the winner as soon as they have all arrived.

Make body part guessing game

Cut hand holes in a large box and sit as many bowls as you can inside the box. Fill the bowls with the following:

  1. Hair (an old wig)
  2. Guts (cooked, cold spaghetti)
  3. Eye balls (a tin of lychee floating in water)
  4. Congealed blood (mashed up strawberry jelly)
  5. Finger bones (a packet of twigglets)
  6. Toe nails (parmesan shavings).

Maybe you can make up a few more - and then tell us!

Spooky Skittles

Use the markers from your Halloween Ghost Hunt and stick each one to an empty bottle. Set them up like skittles and use a tennis ball to try to knock them all down!

Story time

Set a spooky atmosphere, turn off the lights, give the kids some torches and then all you need is a big story book with large pictures and the ability to read upside down, so that children can see the pictures.

Don’t forget the prizes – there are lots of spooky tasty treats out there, so don’t forget to pick up a bag when you are at the supermarket.

Why not add some silly, spooky toys instead of sweets too like plastic bugs or glow in the dark stickers.