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Ideas For Easter

Easter wouldn’t be the same without having an eggciting easter egg treasure hunt, now would it!

There’s loads of info out there on how to set up an easter egg hunt and we’ve given a few ideas on how to prepare one yourself and make it fun for all the family here.

But as usual we’ve used our treasure hunting expertise to create a really easy, simple to set up easter egg hunt so that you don’t have to do all the work if you don’t want to!

Easter Egg Hunt

The Lello and Monkey Easter egg hunt game gives you an Easter egg hunt map, rhyming clue cards and 6 beautifully designed Easter markers including an Easter bunny and Easter chicks of course!

All you need to do with this Easter egg hunt game is hide the Easter egg markers around the house or garden and place Easter eggs or treats with each one. Then read out the clues to the children and let them do the searching!

This easter egg hunt game is suitable for 3-8 year olds but the younger ones may need a bit of help by shouting ‘warmer’ and ‘colder’ as they look for the eggs and the picture clues will help them too.

However if you are feeling adventurous and creative there are lots of interesting and different ideas to help you do your own Easter egg treasure hunt!

Have a puzzling egg hunt

This one needs a little more preparation, decide where the eggs will be hidden and then write down each hiding place in big letters and cut them out. Explain that they must ‘un-jumble the letters’ to spell out each hiding place.

This is usually better with slightly older children but you can always make the anagrams slightly simpler for younger ones.

Have a hunt in the woods

We love taking our kids outdoors and treasure hunts are even more exciting when you’re running around the local woods! There’s nothing more to prepare just make sure you remember the easter baskets and the eggs!

Make sure you have a bit of help and ask another parent to keep the children entertained whilst you hide the eggs.

There are 2 ways you can do this type of easter egg hunt either give them some clues to lead them from one egg to another or just let them go wild and find as many eggs as they can!

Best if you use the small foil chocolate eggs for the latter as you can hide them better.

Have an energetic egg hunt in the park

Jill’s boys are always racing around and so last year we thought a great way for them to burn off some energy was by doing the easter egg hunt in the park.

We took the football, bikes and a bat and ball and got them to do challenges at various locations from the running around the bandstand, to cycling round the football field, to the obvious egg and spoon race!

Whilst they were engaged in an activity one of us was busy at the next location hiding the eggs. They absolutely loved it, we had a penalty shootout, a bat the ball as far as you can game and after each one they got to find some eggs.

Have a crafty party!

We know all kids are different and if you’ve got some children whose idea of lots of running about is not something they enjoy you can turn the easter egg hunt into something a little more creative by having some ‘craft stations’ around the place. This can be especially rewarding for younger children.

At each craft station they make something and then find the eggs and move on to the next one.

You can always do a bit of both and have a physical activity game followed by a craft station activity to give a bit of balance.

Crafts can include: