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Dinosaur Party Plan

If it's the perfect plan for a dinosaur party you're after then here you go...

Having a birthday party at home

With a bit of party planning (or using our tried and tested plan - right) your child's birthday celebration can be a magical and memorable occasion.

Party bags are pretty much the norm these days so have them ready beforehand. The best and easiest way to fill them is to get the kids to do it themselves - that's where the Lello and Monkey dinosaur treasure hunt game comes in!

Don't forget to make a bit of space where guest can leave their presents, so that you can open them after everyone leaves. Keep a list of who everything is from to help in the thank you card process!

If you want some FREE ones you can print yourself then we have produced some dinosaur thank you notes ready for you to download.

See all of our ideas for dinosaur party games.

The Dinosaur Birthday Plan

10.30 Biscuit Decorating - pre-bake some ginger bread dinosaur biscuits and provide icing pens and silver balls to decorate them with. We like these biscuit cutters and icing pens.

Having an activity like this at the beginning will allow for anyone who is a little late. If anyone arrives too late to do this activity explain kindly, but firmly, that the activity is finished, but they can have a go at the end before they go home (by which time they may have forgotten or they may want to stay behind to do the activity).

10.45 Dinosaur Treasure Hunt - Send the children on a dinosaur adventure treasure hunt. No one fails to join in with this exciting game and by hiding the markers well and organising the troops this could take around 20 minutes to do. You might want to give them another 10 minutes play time if the weather is nice. Treasure hunts are our speciality so go buy our Dinosaur Treasure Hunt game now!

11.15 Pass the Prehistoric Parcel - Everyone knows how to play pass the parcel. Wrap up a layer for every child and use dinosaur wrapping paper. You may even want to add a few foreits in there for good measure.

11.25 Dinosaur Stepping Stones - Just like musical chairs in this party game the kids will dance around a ring of themed stepping stones. When the music stops they must find a vacant stepping stone, a stone is taken away each time until you get one winner. Of course we have already designed one so go see our Dinosaur Stepping Stones game. It's actually 3 games in 1, so you can also do a relay race and the four corners game, which could replace one of the other activities if you wished.

11.35 Extinct Dinosaurs - Just like sleeping logs, but the kids have to pretend to be asleep and the first one to move is out until one is remaining. If you have some highly competitive guests, bring out a feather and start tickling!

11.45 Craft Activity - Our dinosaur craft kits are perfect to quieten everyone down before lunch. It will also give you some time to get your pre-prepared lunch out of the fridge and onto serving plates.

12.00 Lunch Time

12.20 Birthday Cake - Singing Happy Birthday, blow out candles...done!

12.25 Story Time - We like ‘Dinosaurs Galore’ by Giles Andrae