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Childrens Parties at Home

Making Childrens Parties Special during the Credit Crunch!

May 2009 - Yorkshire Evening Post

Manchester and Leeds based company, are determined to help mums beat the credit crunch with a DIY ‘Childrens Party Kit’.

According to Mintel, who have carried out research into ‘Childrens Parties’, some parents willingly spend £150 on a birthday party for their children. It’s not hard to work out, if you hire an entertainer or are inviting around 15 guests to a play barn it is virtually impossible to spend less than £100.

The Mintel report ‘Childrens parties, leisure, intelligence, Jan 2004.’ suggests that expectations are higher than they were when we were children. This may be so, but does this mean we can’t meet their expectations with a low budget, uncomplicated party at home with simple games and party bags?

“Absolutely not!” says Jill Heaton, business partner at Lello and Monkey LLP “Nearly all the childrens parties my 4 year old has been invited to have been ‘Play Barn’ parties. They seem to be the new convenience food of the party world and I wanted my child’s parties to be more special, so I joined forces with an old school friend, Kathryn Hill, and together we developed a ‘Party Kit’ which minimises the stress of running and planning a party at home. At £21.50 for 6 children it’s also a really cost effective option.”

The party kit company launched in 2008, with a pirate themed treasure hunt party kit. They have added a safari and a princess kit this spring. The kits include; invitations, a treasure hunt party game, party bags and gifts. The children fill their own party bags on the treasure hunt, so that’s one less job for the grown ups! The party kits are suitable for primary school age children and are currently only available on line at

The brains behind the idea are Kathryn Hill, 34 from Prestwich, Manchester and Jill Heaton, 34 from Horsforth, Leeds. They have 3 children between them Leo (age 4), Max (17 months) and Sophie (17 months). The idea for the business was formed over coffee one afternoon in July 2008, while they were both on maternity leave. Finding that part-time work is still something to be enjoyed by the fortunate few, Kath and Jill decided to take the plunge and set up the business together. They have never looked back, despite the hurdles, the credit crunch and the office hours of 7pm to 11pm (most nights) support from family, friends and business link have spurred them on.