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Animal Party Plan

Animal parties are wonderful for young children, and boys and girls alike, so we've put together a safari animal party plan so you don't have to think so hard...

Planning an Animal Theme Birthday

Creating a magical adventure for your party guests takes a little preparation. Birthday party planning needn't be stressful because we've done some of the work with our suggested party itinery (see right).

If you are giving out party bags remember to prepare them beforehand. Alternatively get the children to fill their own party bags with treasure as they go on our safari animal treasure hunt game.

Set a space for presents so that you can open them after the guests have left. Keep a note of who has bought what to ensure you know what to write in the thank you cards - Print some FREE safari thank you notes!

See all our ideas for animal party games.

The Animal Party Plan

10.30 Biscuit Decorating - Pre-bake some ginger bread pirate biscuits and provide icing pens and silver balls to decorate them with. We like these biscuit cutters and icing pens.

Set up this activity whilst your guests arrive which will allow time for any late comers. If anyone arrives too late to do this activity explain kindly, but firmly, that the activity is finished, but they can have a go at the end before they go home (hopefully by then they will have forgotten or they may could stay an extra 10 minutes to do the activity).

10.45 Safari Animal Treasure Hunt - Children are always most excited about the treasure hunt, which is why we built an entire business around it! We've had loads of parties and have never known a child not want to take part.

If it's well organised, and the markers well hidden you can probably make it last 20 minutes. Give the kids a further 10 minutes to play and run around if the weather is nice. This is what Lello and Monkey do best so go buy our Safari Treasure Hunt game now!

11.15 Pass the Parcel - Everyone knows how to play pass the parcel! Just make sure to wrap up a layer for every child and use animal wrapping paper and have an animal themed gift for the winner.

11.25 Safari Stepping Stones - Based on the classic party game musical chairs we designed safari animal stepping stones to complement your animal party. Kids must dance around a ring of stepping stones finding a vacant one when the music stops.

11.35 Sleeping Lions - Just like sleeping logs, but children have to pretend to be asleep and the first one to move is out until one is remaining. You may have to produce a tickling stick for any highly competitive guests.

11.45 Craft Activity - for the perfect themed activity try our monkey and giraffe craft kits. It will give you enough time to set out the birthday party food you prepared earlier!

12.00 Lunch Time

12.20 Birthday Cake - Singing Happy Birthday, blow out candles...hip hip hooray!

12.25 Story Time - We like ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ by Giles Andrae