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Safari Animal Toy Figures - Solid plastic set of 6

  • £14.99

It's time for some wild adventures!

This lovely gift box set of 6 wild animals is perfect to help children role play and use their imagination to have some fabulous wild adventures. 

They are excellent quality, solid plastic figures and beautifully painted.  They are comparable to 'Schleich' and 'Papo', but with a small brand price tag.

Your pack will be exactly as the photograph and will contain the following:

  • Cheetah
  • Hippo & calf
  • Gorilla
  • Snake
  • Crocodile

Each large animal measures between 7 and 18 cm in length (nose to tail) and good solid weighty plastic. These are very sturdy, durable toys, suitable for use in schools and nurseries.  If you are looking for a set that can be handed down to future generations, then this is the set for you. 

Due to small parts this product is not recomended for children under 3.

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