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Lizard Reptile Plastic Toys Set of 8 - unboxed

  • £8.99

Take an adventure into the world of reptiles

Set of 8 lizard toys. These excellent quality hollow plastic lizards are 20 cm or 8 inches from nose to tail, making them perfect for little hands.

They make a great starter pack for your child's first reptile adventures or an excellent top up pack to add to an existing range. This is an unboxed set, making it great value for schools and nurseries. 

You will receive the following 8 lizards:

  • Includes: Frilled Lizard, Green Basilisk Lizard, Orange Godzilla, Green Water Dragon, Day Gecko, Yellow Bearded Dragon, Red Gecko, Spiny-tail Iguana.

Not suitable for under 3's.

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