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Animal Hunt Party Game Kit - For 8 players

  • £24.99

This themed kit contains everything you need to go with our a fantastic Animal hunt party game! Easy peasy...

For parents who don't have time to shop around we've created this kit containing themed prizes for the children to fill their own party bags whilst on the animal hunt.

The kit includes the animal hunt party game and all the party bag gifts needed or 8 children (if you have more than 8 guests we also sell individual extra player packs for each additional guest).

The party kit includes:

  • Animal hunt party game
  • 8 Party bags
  • 6 prizes for each child including (a toy safari animal, a hanging monkey, balloons, safari puzzle, a sweety chew and a net of chocolate coins)
  • Instructions and other party game suggestions

The party bag gifts include small toys and sweets so adult supervision is required.

Party bag gifts may vary slightly from the photograph.

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